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SILVER Label Process Description

Step by step; Silver Label process. Data requirements, questionaries and example of the Benchmarking report.

One of our experts will be your contact through the process and we supply the contract and we order the Benchmarking Report from our partner ESCA;

Silver Label - Step by step

1. A new bronze certification - ie filling out the questionnaire one more time and a new benchmarking report.
2. Development and submission of a description of the improvement measures you have implemented and the effect of the measures.
3. Prepare the review of the following in a 1 day review with a certified expert.
4. Documentation of the work / results / work processes related to the selected areas of improvement
5. Documentation that you meet the minimum quality requirements for all quality indicators that have minimum requirements.
6. The expert creates a report with assessments of the documented quality you have on various indicators and recommendations for new improvement measures.
7. Certification is valid for another 2 years and you can initiate gold certification whenever you want. More about the processes can be found on ESCAS pages or by contacting us.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding a silver certification process

Summary - Timely extent

  • 1 week to get the bronze benchmarking form done, and a clarification meeting with us.

  • 4-5 weeks later - new benchmarking report

  • 1-2 weeks to review and select and describe at least three improvement areas and submit these to us and ESCA.

  • Minimum 1-3 weeks to prepare for review with experts

  • 1-2 week after preparations the review itself.

  • M inimum 1 week you will receive a report you have to go through.

Overall, given that you have the capacity to keep this pace the total time extent will be 2-3 months to complete the certification process.

The tasks you have to do yourself will require at least a couple of weeks of work. We can help with advice & guidance that cuts this somewhat.

Continuous improvement

Many clusters does not follow up after the first benchmarking. We have therefore included a follow-up interview following the receipt of the report where we aim to ensure that you get started with the follow-up work towards the next certification and do not leave the improvement work until just before the certification expires.

Contact us with any questions you might have on the silver label process.

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