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GOLD Label Process Description

The GOLD Label process - step by step. Data requirements, questionaries and example of the Benchmarking report.

One of our experts will be your contact through the process and we supply the contract and we order the Benchmarking Report from our partner ESCA;

GOLD Label - Step by step

1: Review criteria and requirements:
  • Where do we stand; Gap analysis.

  • What is ok - what needs to be worked on. Review - approx. 3 hours.

2: Decide if and when external evaluation should take place.
3: Contact the ESCA and schedule the review and write the appointment for the process.
4: Access online tools and fill in this.
  • This should be submitted 2-3 weeks before the evaluation will take place, and signal that you are ready for evaluation.

5: 2-day evaluation:
  • Full review of criteria and documentation.

  • Min. requirements: 80% score.

  • 1 national and 1 foreign expert.

  • Feedback at the end of day 2.

6: Report written and submitted to Cluster Excellence group for approval and gold label awarded after approval

Contact us if you have any questions about the gold label process.

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