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BRONZE Label Process Description

Sketch of a typical Bronze Label process - step by step. Data requirements, questionaries and example of the Benchmarking report.

One of our experts will be your contact through the process and we supply the contract and we order the Benchmarking Report from our partner ESCA;

Bronze Label - Step by step

1. We will send you a data collection template and an example of a benchmarking report.
2. We make an agreement.
3. You look through the questionnaire and try to answer as much as possible.
  • We may have a clarifying conversation on questions you find challenging or difficult to understand.

4. You choose who internally participates in the internal data collection / questionnaire completion.
  • This is an exercise that we recommend that the entire team and minimum board chair participate in as a learning. You pre-fill all the questions you feel you can and write down questions that are unclear

5. You send us the questionnaire form you have filled in - to be used as a basis in the next step of the process.
6. We arrange a Skype meeting to review and complete the questionnaire. Prior to this meeting it is especially important that you prepare the three success stories, question 44 on page 32 of the questionnaire.
7. We submit questionnaires to ESCA / order benchmarking report.
8. It can take up to 5 weeks, before you will receive your benchmarking report and an ESCA bronze certificate and logos for use in external / internal communication on websites, email signatures, etc.

The greatest value of the benchmarking work is that it provides you with a basis for targeted improvement work further. The report provides the foundation you need to identify some areas of improvement that are strategically important to improve toward the next certification (certification expires after 2 years).

For you, the goal is to achieve a minimum silver certification during the bronze certification validity period of 2 years. This means that you must select at least 3 out of 18 relevant quality indicators that will be improved over a minimum of 12 months and that you then make a silver certification.

Contact us if you have any questions about the bronze label process.

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