Building World Class Clusters - Faster


We assist individual cluster initiatives and regional groups of clusters in their development of goals, strategies, action plans, business models and economically sustainable member services. We facilitate cross cluster benchmarking and learning sessions.
We offer:
  • Mentoring
  • Consulting  
  • Training services and programs


We have more than 40 years of experience working with cluster development and our clients represents more than 40 leading cluster initiatives, regional policy makers and national cluster programs from Northern Europe.




Continous Cluster Quality Improvement


  • We are qualified Gold, Silver and Bronse Assessors for the European Cluster Quality Certificate.
  • We help individual clusters og groups of cluster organizations move faster towards world class quality by providing ESCA bronze, silver and gold quality assessments.
  • We help clusters prepare the assessment, disseminate the benchmarking results and initiate improvement programs leading up to next re-sertification.

We know the cluster landscape in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland by heart and can help You find partners or assist with practical tasks like strategy processes, funding strategies,  tailoring of bylaws, membership and partner agreements, role descriptions for the board, task forces and forums.


Cluster Mentoring and Competence Training


  • We set up mentoring and training programs with cluster managers, cluster boards and cluster members. 
  • We take on short term roles in the cluster management teams as cluster branding and communication managers, cluster innovation managers, cluster skill service managers and project managers.


Strategy development and Innovation Projects


  • We assist cluster initiatives and their members to develop and align strategies.  
  • We provide practical methods and tools to help clusters succeed with building a joint research and innovation project portfolio, attract 3rd party funding, build joint branding and communication-, human resource- and internationalisation goals and strategies.
  • We have developed a set of services targeting you cluster members that help your members better understand how they can benefit from their cluster membership and use it as a growth instrument.

Klyngeforum Nordland

Regional Cluster Portfolio


Regions working closely with the cluster initiatives can help them document their quality and attractivenes as partners and help them mature from regional cluster champions to national and global champions. As important is to find growth opportunities in between the current clusters and building cluster collaboration bridges.
A key element of working with the regional cluster portfolio is to find regions that actively develop their regional portfolio of cluster initiatives as implementation instruments for their Regional Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3).
Innovation Performance and the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) recently did a pilot with Nordland County in Norway to start a long term joint effort to use the European Cluster Excellence Benchmarking  of ESCA  to make the quality of the regional cluster portfolio more measurable and suited for continuous improvement and for joint improvement initiatives across the regional clusters.


Key offerings for regions focused on better use of regional cluster initiatives

  • An effective and synchronised collection of Cluster Management quality  and impact data across all the regional clusters.
  • Quality labelling of each of the regional clusters.
  • The delivery of Individual ESCA benchmarking reports as basis for the cluster initiatives individual continuous  improvement plans.
  • A Regional Cluster Excellence scorecard RCES) report with aggregated Cluster Management Excellence data comparing the regional portfolio with other regions and the national cluster porfolio.

  • A Regional Cluster Excellence scorecard RCES) report with aggregated Cluster Management Excellence data comparing the regional portfolio with other regions and the national cluster porfolio.
  • A workshop to map in more detail key weak areas uncovered by the RCES, like long term economic sustainability of the cluster initiatives and how to increase revenue from services and membership fees.
  • An annual schedule for the future improvement actions with fixed timing of recertification points for all clusters in the portfolio.

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