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Regional Cluster Forum - Norwegian Regions taking the lead

In times when European regions move towards using their  clusters as a tools to implement their Regional Innovation Strategies(RIS), the quality of the regional cluster portfolio is of significant importance. Regional actors involved have to gain an understanding of whether the regional cluster portfolio is capable and in the position to act as proper tools to implement the Regional Innovation Strategy. Norwegian regions have started addressing this issue. Their first step is to create regional cluster forums – the second is to test a set of new tools for supporting  regional development developed by ESCA and Innovation Performance.
Nordland county established a «meeting place» for regional policy makers and the seven leading cluster initiatives; “Klyngeforum Nordland» in 2016. Innovation Performance and the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) worked with Nordland to develop new tools that could support a long term cluster quality and capacity improvement efforts coordinated through «Klyngeforum Nordland”. To make the quality of the regional cluster portfolio more measurable and suited for continuous improvement, ESCA developed a new tool, the Regional Cluster Excellence Scorecards (RCES). The cluster forum approach, the RCES  and ESCAs new benchmarking tool for regional policy and development; “StressTesting of Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3)» is now under testing also in the Arctic region of Norway. Follow our work by checking our documentation pages for the improvement activities in these to regions. (in Norwegian)

Established in 2016 – A “place to meet” for the seven leading regional clusters and  key regional actors.  Pilot for the RCEs – first a concerted bronze label benchmarking of all seven clusters in Sept 2016 and  Individual and joint quality improvement plans. Meets 2-3 times a year


Established in 2017 – A “place to meet” for six leading regional clusters and  key regional actors. Developed individual and joint improvement efforts in first workshop October 2017.  Next workshop in april 2018 – focus: growth opportunities between the individual clusters current strategic focus areas.

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