Nordland County first in Europe to develop a Regional Cluster Excellence Scorecard (RCES)

All seven cluster initiatives in Nordland just completed a coordinated collection of Cluster Management Excellence data. This was a joint pilot effort initiated by County Authority of Nordland, Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway, The European Secretariat of Cluster Analysis (ESCA) and Innovation Performance AS. The pilot demonstrated how the new ESCA tool can help an European region can make better use of their regional cluster portfolio in the implementation of RIS3 based regional development plan.  

The individual cluster initiative quality data were aggregatet into the Nordland Regional Cluster Scorecard (RCES). Here all seven cluster initiatives of the Nordland region are compared to a portfolio of 29 Danish and 28 Norwegian cluster initiatives. The comparisons in the RCES provide a solid foundation for discussions on both individual and cooperative cluster quality improvement strategies, development in financial sustainability and how to strengthen the clusters as a tool in implementation af regional development plans.


In a workshop in Bodø 13/10/16 the regional policymakers and all the cluster management teams met to analyse the Cluster Management strengths and weaknesses presented in the Nordland RCES. Based on a shared view of the current Cluster Management Quality status the participants discussed how to work together to improve the cluster initiatives faster and how to develop new regional growth opportunities around and across all the cluster initiatives in Nordland.

All seven clusters received their European Cluster Management Quality label bronze, a benchmarking report and the Nordland RCES report. This is a solid foundation for an upgrade of the Cluster Management Excellence quality level from bronze to a silver or gold label before the bronze labels expire in september 2018. The header image shows the representatives of the Nordland cluster teams holding their ESCA quality certificate. Congratulations!


Innovation Performance would like to thank all participants for a insightful and well executed seminar and looking forward to continuous development in the Nordland region and other regions interested in learning from this pilot.