How to find Norwegian Cluster Initiatives

Norwegian cluster initiatives and the “Norwegian Innovation Clusters” national cluster program are highly respected and considered valuable partners for international cluster to cluster dialogues. Here is how international cluster initiatives can get an overview of the Norwegian Clusters landscape?

The cluster landscape consists of mature cluster initiatives both outside and inside the three tiered nasjonal cluster program, Norwegian Innovation Clusters. Cluster initiatives outside the national program are not easy to find as there are no published overview presenting them. If You have specific collaboration requests not covered by the cluster initiatives inside the Norwegian cluster program, please contact Eivind Petershagen of Innovation Performance AS. Nobody knows the Norwegian cluster landscape as Eivind does.

The most recent presentation in English of the Norwegian Cluster Programs and the cluster initiatives in all the three cluster tiers can be found in the “Norwegian Clusters 2015» publication. On page 18-30 there is an introductory presentation of the Norwegian Innovation Clusters program and then there is a short intro to allinitiatives being members of each of the three program tiers, Arena, National Center of Expertise (NCE) and Global Centres of Expertise (GCE). The pdf contains links to the homepage of all the cluster initiatives.

Good luck in you hunt for Norwegian Cluster partners!


You can download the pdf here.