Are Your cluster ready to go international?

Many European cluster initiatives work hard every day to mature and develop from regional champions to national and then global leaders in their field. This is a long journey and success will depend on the quality of the internationalisation goals, the strategy and the member services in the area of internationalisation.

In Europe there has been a number of initiatives to help clusters go global. The most important of these efforts is: The Transnational Alliance of Clusters Towards Improved Cooperation Support (TACTICS) project. This project developed the TACTICS Cluster Internationalisation handbook.

You can download the handbook here.

For cluster initiatives using the bronze, silver and gold quality labelling services of ESCA to mature faster in a facts based continuos improvement way, the services provide the clusters with KPIs and assessments of current internationalisation status, depth and breath of members services related to internationalisation. We recommend using these assessments as feedback mechanisms to improve internationalisation faster.